Emmanuel Renoir

What we Wear and What we Love are Symbols of Self-Reflection and Self-Expression. Thus was the Heart and Soul of one of The Most Expressive Artistic Periods in History. The Impressionism Movement, with Reflection of Light as a Key Principle, Rendered Masterpieces in a New Way as Never Seen Before. The Renoir Legacy Master Jewelry Collection Represents this Movement; Eternal, Compelling and Relevant to the Modern Consumer.

Emmanuel Renoir

Renoir Bracelet

Mission Statement

To provide the Renoir Legacy Master Jewelry Collection with Brand Creation Strategies using tools that Identifies the Brands’ Uniqueness. Diligently Expanding the Story; Underscoring the Iconic Heritage Brand Integrity, and Ensuring its Message is ready for the collector.

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Concierge Ordering Service

Each client is a valuable work of art to us and we take pride in our excellent

personal white glove service.

Send a request and we will do the rest!

How to place an order:

1) Send an email with your request to info@renoirbrand.com  and our jewelry connoiseur will reply promptly.

2) Note catalog Item Number/Page Number you’re interested in.

3) Your reply will contain detailed information of the item as well as any certifications of the stones in the item.

4) Depending on your location and/or country, we will estimate the delivery time & method.  Expect private secure door to door service.

5) Method of payment options may be check, wire, PayPal or Bitpay

6) All Items are thoroughly inspected for quality and craftsmanship and come with our guarantee policy

7)  Appraisals available upon request



The Renoir team of Certified Diamantaires & Precious Gemstone experts have over 40 years of combined expertise in Fine Gems & High jewelry.

Our investment grade gems & high Jewelry come with the finest and most reputable laboratory certifications along with professional appraisals confirming your investment value. From rough to polished diamonds & gemstones, the Renoir team will support your private placement transactions with the highest integrity & confidentiality worldwide.


Contact Information

Adress: 606 South Olive Street, Suite 2000, Los Angeles, CA, 90014

Email: info@renoirbrand.com

Phone: 213.928.7210


Every Woman Deserves to Wear a piece of art....